Dog care in our home is going to be pretty similar to how it is in your home, with the added bonus of friends to play with in our backyard puppy paradise and a personal attendant! During the day, our dog care is similar to what you’d find at an exclusive, private dog park with lots of toys, a recreation director, and air-conditioned/heated rest areas. In the evenings, the dogs enjoy a typical dog-loving family environment with the pampering you would expect at a high-end dog resort. After a full day of playing, they join us while we prepare dinner, tidy up, and spend time as a family and then they snuggle with us on the bed while we watch TV before going to sleep.


When the weather is beautiful, we spend most of the day playing outside with continual access inside for those that prefer indoor rest. Outside, we have a screened porch, a deck, and a very large temperature-controlled gazebo.



Your dogs may sleep in bed with any of the occupied beds in our home, in our rooms on dog beds, downstairs, or on the couches (upstairs or downstairs). Your dogs may sleep anywhere they are most comfortable.



We provide dog care 24/7, so the dogs are never left alone. Most of the time, Hollie is at home with the dogs, but when she has appointments, her husband, sons, or one of our three trusted employees are here to supervise. Guests at the Barkmore House are pampered by the entire family. There is always someone at home, completely attentive to our furry guests.

Hollie and Joe
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Meet Hollie & Joe

After early retirement from being a UNC professor, Hollie is now at home, dogsitting 24/7. Joe isn't as lucky, and he has to go to work each day...without playtime!! Poor Joe. Hollie has a lot more fun! Hollie, together with a caring staff, provides wonderful care for your dog in our home.
Together, we use our 35 years of experience caring for dogs to provide top-quality care for boarding in our home. Nothing in our home is off-limits unless you say it is. The dogs have the run of the house and access to the backyard all day; in addition to playing frequently (and napping), we spend a lot of our day outside, leaving the most energetic doggy tired. You'll get to see your pup in action and gain peace of mind from the photo and video updates we send every day.
When the playing is done, and cuddling or napping is in order, laps are always available, or your pup can find his/her own private space in the 3,000 sq feet in the Barkmore House or enjoy laying in front of the fireplace or get some sunshine on a giant, custom lounging pillows on the screened-in patio, the temperature-controlled gazebo, or our deck. All are favorite pastimes of Barkmore House guests!
With Hollie and staff home all day every day, our guests have their own full-time recreation directors to play ball with them, play tug-of-war, and hide their stuffies. We even celebrate birthday parties (pointy hats and all) when doggies turn another year old during their stay (or is that 7 years older)?
If your pup sleeps with you at home, they'll be sleeping with us here, under the blankets or on top. If they sleep in a dog bed in your bedroom, we have plenty of extremely comfy, extra-fluffy dog beds in our bedroom, making each night a fun sleepover with friends! If your pup likes to sleep alone, there are several guest rooms and two couches they can choose from as well.
All natural, top-quality treats are plentiful, and toys lay all over the house and yard. At the Barkmore House, having fun is a priority, but safety comes first (our safety policies are listed below). We are committed to providing a safe, memorable vacation where your dog's every need and want is catered to. Here, dogs are showered with love and attention, pampered, and catered to as VIP guests.
For our elderly guests or those that require a little more specialized care, we can administer oral medications and injections and are happy to cook special foods (e.g., rice, chicken, beef). We can usually get our picky eaters to eat by hand-feeding them, but if not, we have numerous tricks that will disrupt even the most dedicated hunger strike! It's your baby's vacation, and a stay at the Barkmore House is your gift to them. It's our job to make it the best experience it can be, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our Prices

Dog Daycare Services
Dog Boarding Services
Boarding (24 Hours)
There will be an hourly fee of $3/hr (Up to a max of $30). for all care provided beyond 24 hour intervals. Please note your drop-off time when calculating your total.


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